Sleeping Beauty and Diabetes


Anyone who has met my gorgeous 3 month old will immediately realise she likes her sleep. This isn’t me bragging either because at times it can be slightly boring and means baby classes are a waste of time cause she will happily sleep through them. She also really hates being woken up as you can tell from the picture below! (The delivery driver rung the door ten minutes after she had started her nap).


I am also not complaining because who would complain at getting a good night sleep! Oh wait a minute…instead of a baby waking me up during the night I have the Diabetes to do that.

I’ve come to realise since having Amelia that I find the Diabetes more demanding then she is. And unfortunately with the Diabetes I can’t just hand it over to someone so I can have a ten minute break.

If you asked me I’d say it’s 100% my fault that my Diabetes is playing up. But if I take a step back and look at the bigger picture then I realise it’s not.

I’ve had a bit of a rubbish time with hormones since having Amelia and going back on contraception. Which included the first pill I tried making me vomit 6 hours after taking it. Poor James is working hard and long hours, and would have me in the middle of the night shouting for water. Amelia slept soundly through all of this 🙈 She is definitely our little sleeping beauty.


I also am busier than I was before having Amelia. I don’t want to spend my hours testing my sugar levels and then keeping a dairy of what they are. Pre Amelia I was obsessive with checking my sugar levels. I could use 20 test strips a day. I’d get through at least 400 test strips a month which means I was testing 12 times a day so every 2 hours. Now I get distracted with just staring at my gorgeous girlie.

The big reason my sugar levels aren’t as tight is because even though the Diabetes is waking me up at night, I am actually getting more sleep than I’ve had in years. I use to at wake myself up testing my sugar levels at night.

My obsessiveness had its benefits though such as my last hba1c being the same as a persons without Diabetes and I am yet to have any sort of Diabetes complication. However I was permanently exhausted and running on fumes. Which is really not good in the long run.

But writing this has made me realise I need to get some sort of balance. How I’m going to do that I currently don’t know but tomorrow is a fresh day and I will take it from there.

So I have babbled enough and I’m going to head to bed! Night all and I hope you all get a good night sleep!  💕

N.B I wrote this on Sunday night and forgot to post it hence the ‘hope you all get a good night sleep’.



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