Picture Diary 04/11/15

I’ve attempted this before (there is a blog somewhere on my site like this) but I didn’t manage to keep it going for as long as I wanted. I’m currently trying to get my bg under a more tight knit control and have actually felt this helpful today (I’ve already spotted a pattern with a previous day this week) but anyway here’s today’s picture diary. Ps I’m hoping to do at least a weeks worth of these and I’ve added some rambles.
04/11/15 – 9:00
This morning I’ve dragged myself out of bed at 9 (I’m on a 12 – 8pm shift today). I’ve got my whale pjs on (you can see in the picture) and I think they’ve made my morning bm perfect. Nothing beats whale love.

Waking up with 6.1 as my sugar level makes my day. I’ve been having trouble with my sugar levels the last couple of weeks so need to start cracking down on it cause it’s making me feel rubbish and ruining my mood and I think the lack of sleep is making me a crabby cow.


4/11/15 – 11.52

I want a snack before work, I’m hungry and don’t feel like something healthy. What I sometimes struggle with is for a little snack (in this example a kit Kat bar), it takes me 15minutes to do all the checks to get ready to eat it.


4/11/15 13:30

I kind of carb overloaded at lunch today to help me get through only having a 15 minute break after this one for ‘dinner’. Today lunch I actually created myself hence the sticky note with carb values on hahaha. I will happily say it was scrummy.


4/11/15 17:00
I’m not feeling to bright. Don’t know if it’s just cause I’m tired or the fact my bm was 4.6. Who knows but here’s a picture of my 15 minute break ‘dinner’ yummy.

04/11/15 20:42
I’m hungry so decided to treat myself to a cake however on checking bg they are sky high all of a sudden. However the cake wins this time.

04/11/15 22:00
I just burst into tears sometimes I get to that point where I feel like I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do the sleepless nights or the feeling like shit on and off. I’ve check my bm and its gone down (yippee) but I still have active insulin and the amount I’ve got is too much so I’m worried will send me low. This means I’m going to have to wake myself up during the night. It now nearly half ten and I have to be up at 6.30. I will wake myself up at 11.30 then possibly two hours after that depending on my sugar levels. Sometimes I would really love a full nights sleep but in my head I spend a lot of time asleep if my sugar levels are erratic overnight it will definitely have an affect so even though I want to sleep keeping myself healthy is more important…it’s a cache 22 sort of moment.


I probably won’t take photos overnight I will be too sleepy hahaha. I’m hoping I don’t just turn my alarm off in my sleep (I did that last night).



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  1. May 26, 2018 / 9:42 pm

    This sounds so tough to live with 🙁 If I’m honest I didnt actually know a great deal about diabetes before.. but this has definitely educated me a bit more on the BTS of living with it. Can’t believe you have to do checks for so long on foods before you can eat it! To live with this, sleepless nights and be a great Mummy, you’re amazing! ❤️ Xx

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