So I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front for the last few months but hopefully one day I’ll be a bit better with it! I’m not making excuses but having just started my first qualified job and with other things going on I’ve been a bit rubbish with it all!

BUT this month is diabetes awareness month so I couldn’t resist a blog now!! I’m going to do a small one tonight and force myself to get into again more over the next few weeks.

So why is diabetes awareness important? Well I could list if loads of medical reasons and facts and figures but that’s what Google is for, so more to the point why is diabetes awareness important to me?

The most important reason is because it can prevent people that have diabetes slipping under the radar; not noticing the symptoms or putting them together and getting ill. It also helps with raising money for a CURE. It makes people aware of the symptoms of a hyper and hypo which could save someone with diabetes (who treats it with insulin) life.

On a purely selfish reason it helps to show how tedious it can be to live with an invisible chronic health condition. How each day is a struggle and what’s worse is physically I most likely look fine (maybe a little tired but fine), you can’t see that I’m battling with sugars that are out of range, that due to this I’m testing more often which means sleepless nights and sore fingers. That sometimes I get in bed check my sugars, get side tracked reading for ten minutes but even though I know my sugar levels were ten minutes ago I check again cause I’m absolutely terrified of going low during the night and not waking up. That it makes me feel less alone because there is an amazing and lovely D community out there who are my D family. That I pray by making people aware that people will be more understanding and not make judgemental comments in relation to my diabetes.

I could carry on, however I feel like I’m ranting and being miserable and I totally didn’t want to do that.

Type one diabetes has changed my life, I try as much as I can to control it and not let it control me, to live a fulfilling life and not let it hold me back. For the most part it doesn’t but there are days where you can’t win no matter what you do and those days feel me with panic because I worry about my organs, organs that take a hit every time my bm is high. Then I worry about not waking up when my bm is low. I live with that insane fear and have learnt to cope with it, but by letting people know how it affects me in both good ways (MY AMAZING D FAMILY) and bad ways (the fear) it gives people a greater understanding, helping with awareness, helping (hopefully) to raise money for a cure.

Diabetes is a silent killer in my eyes…it cause other short term and long term health complications such as heart diseases, renal failure, eye diseases, amputations, statistics from diabetes uk also suggest that 1 in 10 deaths in people in the age range of 20 – 79 can be attributed to diabetes.

By raising awareness we are FIGHTING BACK. We are helping to prevent type 2 diabetes, helping to improve care and support for people with diabetes (type 1, 2, gestational etc). We are increasing the chance of a CURE. Unfortunately insulin, medication, diet, fitness etc are not cures for diabetes they are treatment. But by working together and fighting back we increase the chance of find a cure.

Much love from a very tired Megs (ps i haven’t proof read cause I’m tired so i apologise if its a bit here and there and for any typos etc) xxx

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