Diabetes Diary (1) (21/05/14)

Today I’ve attempted to take a picture of every diabetes thing I did! I had a major fail around lunch time as phone battery died hahaha but to make up for it I will do it tomorrow as well so maybe some sneaky snaps whilst at clinic (of me no-one else without permission)

So here’s my photo diary

So this was a high level. I’ve been struggling with them recently and have a feeling it could be linked with stress and the fact I’m not sleeping properly!


So my pump needed changing so I took it out and decided to have a bath it’s my favourite thing to do when changing a pump site. I also couldn’t sleep so thought it might relax me!

I will honestly admit this set change was one of the painful ones which doesn’t usually happen but sometimes you just get that stinging sensation and it brings tears to my eyes and I may of had a few tears!

My BM was high due to taking my pump out for my bath! But it was worth it! I corrected then weighed my food and bloused for my meal! I record my correction separate to my meal which is why I give a correction bolus then do a meal bolus! Each to their own 😉

Sometimes I hate going out as I’m limited to what I can’t drink if I’m watching my sugars; this is usually diet coke or water maybe squash! But there is not loads of drinks that are sugar free and unless they are in a bottle or the cafe etc has carb information sometimes it can be hard to carb count!

I knew as soon as I had given the bolus that my app wasn’t playing ball and that I probably hadn’t given enough insulin but I was being lazy! Hahaha!

Now this clearly shows I didn’t bolus enough! Oopsie! Naughty Meg!

I will post other readings from today and tomorrow on Friday! 🙂 but wanted to give a little day preview I might do it for more than two days maybe a week depending on how busy I am! I feel that only doing it for a day or few doesn’t give a big enough insight! So here is my first diabetes day diary 😉


Hugs and kisses
Megs 😀

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