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This week is diabetes blog week and today is the first day! I’m typing this on my phone so apologise for typos etc and lack of pretty things (I’m a computer blogger).

Sometimes I feel (as I presume a lot of people do) that despite what I do it will not be enough to change certain things. But if we all had that opinion we would get anywhere in life and who knows what the world would be like?

Type One Diabetes changed my world the day it came bounding into my life! I can picture the scared little girl who had her life turned upside down and round and round that evening. This compares to the third year nursing student who’s passion for diabetes isn’t just because I have it! It’s complexity thrills me, the drive the people I know (with all the different types) amazes me!

Even if I just explain the condition to one person a day, or answer a question I feel that’s my way of making a change in the world! I speak as both a pwd and (fingers cross) a future nurse! One day I hope I will help diminish the ‘stigma’ that I believe there is around diabetes! Whether it is just simply by taking the times to let people into my world via blog or a friendly chat.

Maybe the change I implement will only benefit a few people or maybe hundreds down the line, but if I believe in changing the world no matter how small the change! Maybe I’ll succeed or maybe I won’t but I will try my best!!!

Thank you for reading!


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