Back on the radar…

Firstly I feel I should apologise for being off the radar for a bit! I’ve just been doing my dissertation and trying to organised the last few months of my last year! The days just seem to be zooming past! But that’s why I haven’t blogged in a while or posted a #100diabetesdays! But tomorrow I promise I will start it up again!

It’s strange how life has it’s ups and downs of being nice a calm one minute then crazily hectic with this and that all thrown in! Everything seems to have happened in the last few months both good and bad so now I’m hoping it will all die down hahaha.

So what’s new diabetes wise? Nothing much although I finally got my arse into gear and phoned up my team about why I had not received an appointment in the post! Apparently one wasn’t even sent hahaha but at least that’s all organised for end of this month. Now I just have to go and get the dreaded blood test before hand! I miss being able to watch children’s films whilst having them done when I was in the paeds team! Being an adult has no benefits like that lol!

Anyway I’m rambling cause I’m tired but I just wanted to let everyone know I will be back on the radar tomorrow! Hope you are all okay 🙂


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