Facing the diabetes monster


So the last few days weeks actually maybe it’s even months, I’ve not had the best control of my diabetes and instead of facing up to it I’ve just kept burying my head in the sand. It was talks with James and my mum which made me realise how bad I’ve gotten really. So I’m currently feeling a but disappointed with myself.

However it’s nearly a new month and luckily I’ve realised my bad ways and have decided things need to change. It’s not the best year for me to go off the rails diabetes wise what with being in my last year of Uni etc. I have things I want to achieve in life and having bad control won’t help towards achieving them.

But rather than whinge and moan in this blog I thought I’d enlighten you all in what my plans are…that way some of the people who are reading this and know me well can keep a beady eye on me hahaha.


So what is my plan of action?

Keep a stricter sugar levels account! I have a bad habit of doing my sugars and correcting/treating etc and not thinking to see if there’s a trend going on! To be honest it’s not really a habit cause I use to be good with it! Just 2014 I haven’t been as sharp as usual! This sugar level account is also going to include what carbs I’ve eaten and what foods I’ve eaten just to also see if certain foods spike my sugars! I know if I eat a pizza I can expect to have a high sugar level within 2 hours even if I carbohydrate count it.

My next plan is to stop with the junk food! I say this all the time and never do it but I’m making a promise to myself to cut it out of my diet and start eating healthier! I’ve even downloaded the my fitness pal app to keep an eye on what nutrients I’m getting etc. As well as cutting out junk food I’ve decided I’m going to stop drinking alcohol, you see I’m one of the weird people who can honestly say that even though I do on occasions drink it I actually don’t enjoy it! The only alcoholic drinks I really enjoy are cocktails and the sugar in them is unbelievable so it’s a big no no! So down with the alcohol and up with the water (bring on the water baby)

I am also considering speaking to someone about how I’ve felt the last fee months about my diabetes. Counselling can be a big of a taboo subject and people tend to like to hide it however I feel it’s good to get things off your chest to someone who can’t give their opinion and just sits and listens. My family, boyfriend and friends are really good and sit and listen and offer advice but sometimes I just don’t want to hear what they’ve got to say and even though they may be speaking the truth it can sometimes upset me more. And I’d rather speak to a human than make teddy sit and listen to my ramblings.

So that so far is my three steps plan I should probably add exercise to it but I’m feeling to lazy to even write a paragraph on that let alone think about running in my head hahaha. But I will hopefully with the help of my brother.

But there is an insight to my plans! I’m going to share with you today’s entry of my new diabetes journal! (I’ve typed it up cause my writing it’s a tad messy in it)

Monday 31st March

BM: 8.4
Miller Light Raspberry and Cranberry yoghurt 175 g
7.8g carbs in 100g
175g = 13.65 carbs
Correction: 0.1 units
Bolus: 1.8 units
Total: 1.9 units

Pump suspended for shower

BM: 14.5
Correction: 2.1 units
Noodles: 36.2g carbs
Smoothie: 30g carbs
Bolus: 8.3 units
Total: 10.4
Basal: 0.600 u/h

BM: 7.0
Chai latte: 19g carbs
Bolus: 2.3
Basal: 0.700 u/h

BM: 4.7
Gammon: 0.5g carbs
Egg: 0.5g carbs
Jacket potato: 50g carbs
Salad: 3g
Total carbs: 54g
Bolus: 6.7
Basal: 0.700

Hot Cross bun: 30g carbs
Bolus: 3.7
Basal: 0.700 u/h

So that’s it so far today! Not too shabby but still got my bedtime blood sugar level to do! Fingers crossed its a goodun! Anyway I’m going to bid you all a goodnight hahaha! Also by the way teddy is a dog not a stuffed toy hahaha! Thanks for reading




  1. Donna green
    March 31, 2014 / 8:52 pm

    Your an inspiration megs proud of u xx

    • March 31, 2014 / 8:53 pm

      Thanks Donna! 🙂 means the world to me to hear you say that! Xxx

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