We Could Of Been Anything That We Wanted To Be

Happy Sunday everyone 😉

Sooo the other day I was sat on the sofa watching TV with the boyfriend and this advert came on with a song in the background which I have put below. It’s super catchy and I’ll fully admit that every time it comes on we sing along to it and maybe dance haha 😉 however I still (even after seeing it a few times) don’t know what the advert is for.

Anyway have a listen/watch before you carry on reading. You won’t understand where I’m going with it all otherwise…okay maybe you will but still!!!


Diabetes whether it’s type one or type two is obviously going to make a big change to someone’s life and can mean tackling and overcoming challenges. But it shouldn’t stop you from being and doing what you want to (you see where I’m going with this…. 😉 )

So far in my life there has only been one thing which because I have type one diabetes I can’t do. That’s join the forces as a nurse. When I first realised this it was a bit upsetting as my diabetes had never stopped me doing anything before and then bam a brick wall gets put up and no matter how much I try I can’t break it down. There is a few other things that I can’t do as well, I found this list on the DiabetesUK website;

  • the Armed Forces
  • jobs requiring a large goods vehicle licence or a licence to drive certain passenger carrying vehicles (PCV’s)
  • airline pilot and in some cases cabin crew
  • working offshore, for example, on oil-rigs or aboard cruise liners (even as a caterer – an illogical blanket ban!)
  • there may be restrictions on other jobs, eg. train driving. These may be decided on an individual basis.

So unfortunately in some cases this Bugsy Malone song lies! However in October 2004 they lifted restrictions on joining the police forces, fire service and ambulance services (based on the individuals fitness etc). So there we go there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and such charities as Diabetes UK and other individuals fight for things like that and I suppose if you really want something you will fight and do anything to get it.

Apart from those five things my diabetes shouldn’t stop me from doing anything in life. Yes it might make things a little harder to do, I might have to push or fight harder to achieve things than other people may have to, but I can do it if I want to. Same with anything in life, as long as you want something hard enough you will achieve and get it. Although this doesn’t apply to relationships I don’t think you can use that motto to grab partners in life but who knows 😉 hahaha.

So let’s break more of this song down. I’m going to do more paragraphs for a couple more lyrics ;).


I have two points to make about this. Trusting friends is something anyone with type one diabetes will probably say is an important thing. And if they don’t I do so HA! You see if I was to go out for a few with friends, whether its for drinks or just a walk I’d need to trust them because if anything went wrong my life is in their hands really.

Also friends help you let off a bit of steam and sometimes I have probably sat and moaned to them about my diabetes and they have politely listened and made jokes to make me feel better. So friendship is very important in life as long as they are true friends.

My other point is more recently I’ve managed to connect online with other people with type one diabetes. And  I have to say it’s been brilliant ( so far 😉 ). It’s hard to explain how nice it is to talk to other people with the same condition as you. To be able to relate to how they feel or them to how you feel, to moan about the condition and get excited about small things such as achieving a good HbA1C. It is also nice to read the blog that they write themselves and sit there and think yeah that’s an issue for me.

So what led me to these people? Twitter and a thing called GBDOC. So for anyone with diabetes that hasn’t heard of GBDOC take a look at the link below. They don’t bite 😉 and if you never know  one Wednesday (diabetes tweet chat) you may win a teddy in BG BINGO haha.




There have been a lot of people who have stood by me during my diagnosis and everything else that has happened this past few years and there have been some that have walked away. Some things make you realise how important certain people are in life and how much you love them. Life with my diabetes is never easy and then with certain other things that have happened recently like loosing my brother it has made me realise that you only live once and you need to keep those that you love and love you back close.

Over the years you realise those who care will stick by you no matter what. No matter if your blood sugar has got so high you’ve snapped at them for no reason, or had to bail on a night out cause sugar levels are playing up and made you feel like death. The emotional highs and low of my diabetes would be hard to deal with alone and if it wasn’t for those people I don’t know how I would have coped with certain things or whether my control would be as good as it is.

I’m sure they all know who they are and know how much they mean to me. But this is also another way for me to thank them so yeah thank you 😉

Anyway this has been a bit of a oddly formatted blog maybe? But I still hope you enjoy reading it and enjoy the song.


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