The Best Mother A Girl Could Have :)

Happy Mother’s Day to all you yummy mummies 🙂 So I know blogs a bit late tonight and some people might be in bed, especially the person who this blog is for. I’m going to be predictable you see and write about my mummy. 

I know I’ve mentioned before how much my mum means to me and how important she has been with helping me cope with my diabetes but tonight I’m going to go more in-depth about that. All of my family, friends, boyfriend etc have been great with my diabetes (well with the exception of a few). But tonight this blog is all about my beautiful mum 🙂

The evening I was diagnosed with diabetes, as I was a child, my mum spent the night with me in hospital, as she has done with every overnight hospital stay I’ve had really (none diabetes related since being diagnosed I’ll have you know 😉 ). She was there to help me through doing my first injection, having my lovely hospital induced hypo and made sure they looked after me during my stay. 

Talking of hypos…if I go to bed and my blood sugars are high or low it normally results in either staying up an hour to make sure it goes up/down. This can also happen when I’m ill; blood sugars creeping up and having to try and get them down can be an overnight battle. So what do I do? Set my alarm if my sugar levels are up and not going down or vice versa. Someone else usually also sets their alarm and that would be my mum. When was younger she would even only set her alarm and check my sugar level whilst I was asleep. That’s dedication for you. It’s also love because she then has a disrupted night sleep and has to wake up and go to work. 

Being ill is also another one of those things where the first person I’m most likely to want is my mum. She’s always been there for me when I’m really ill and always knows what to do to make me feel better. Actually to be honest she’s there for anyone when they are ill maybe its because she’s a nurse or maybe it’s just cause she has a heart of gold. Similar is the fact she tries to come to every hospital appointment I have – not so much now because I’m an adult and want to be in control of my diabetes but for something I want her their for moral support and I know if I ask she will do her best to be there.

Now as you all probably should know from reading my blog by now living with diabetes isn’t a piece of cake and mum was also unfortunately the first person who dealt with a diabetes related temper tantrum attack. I had been discharged from hospital and at 9pm decided I wanted some chips, she said she thought it was a bit to late (as she would of done even before I got diabetes) and offered some fruit. I shouted at her and ran upstairs crying and probably said I hated my life and my new found diabetes.

I have moments like that a lot, where I wish I had dreamt I was diagnosed with diabetes and most of these moments bring out either an angry Meg or upset Meg and over half of the time mum is the one who has to listen to me offload on her. Which sometimes probably isn’t fair but unfortunately mother bear if you are reading this (and you best be) you did decided to give birth to me 😉 hahaha. Joking aside she probably doesn’t realise how much that means to me. I’d be a nutcase by now if it wasn’t for the fact I can moan to her about everything little thing or tell her my worries. I’ve just done that about 20 minutes ago, and she listened and reassured me and now I feel much better. You see I’m a worrier so without people to listen to my worries I can more agitated and paranoid so it means the world to me.

I’m only really scratching at the surface about things that are diabetes related that mum does for me. I could go on for years and then if you add the things she does for me that aren’t diabetes related on top of that it would be a mini book. I’m sure she spends a lot of time worrying about me and if she wants to it might be nice to get her to write a blog on here from her point of view so you guys can see what Mother Brook has to deal with. It’s all fine and dandy for me to sit her and tell you what it is like to have diabetes but I don’t know what it’s like for my family and boyfriend who have to deal with me and the my diabetes. I’m sure I don’t make life easy for them. Keeping them on their toes you see. But maybe she can tell you all.

She also probably doesn’t realise how much I appreciate what she does for me. You see I’m a stroppy little madam and she normally gets the brunt of this but as stroppy and argumentative as I can be towards her she means the world to me. I would do anything for her and can’t really sum up how much she means to me. I also don’t think without her help I would have accepted my diabetes as well as I feel I have done. So thank you mum for everything!!!

So there we go 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day mum 🙂 

I love you loads 🙂 xxx

And I hope everyone else had a lovely mother’s day and I hope you spoiled you mum rotten because if they are as good as my mum they deserve it 🙂

Thank you for reading 🙂 

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