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Sorry for the day late blog, however I wrote a lovely blog yesterday, if I say so myself, and then went to post it and ended up loosing all of it. This as you can guess annoyed me so I decided to spare you all a rant and do it all again today which is what I’m doing. So here you go folks šŸ˜‰

Recently I have decided that even though I have fairly good control I want to have the best control I can. This means working harder at keeping my sugar levels lower; exercising, eating healthier, making sure my carbohydrate counting is top notch and drinking more.

Why am I doing this I hear you ask? Well diabetes is a condition in which it is easy to want to rebel against it. To let you hair down and jump into a swimming pool of sugar. But as much as I sometimes want to do this the consequences later in life aren’t ones I want to experience. Bad control may be fine for a few years but the results on the my body and health could be horrific. A few of the complications of having bad control are;

  • Cardiovascular Disease (Heart)
  • Stroke
  • Neuropathy (Nerves)
  • Nephropathy (Kidneys)
  • Retinopathy (Eyes)
  • Foot Problems
  • Miscarriage and Stillbirth
  • Diabetic KetoacidosisĀ (DKA)

That’s a few I know off the top of my head. Lucky I have never really had appalling control, but this doesn’t mean my control couldn’t be better, as it could. By having good control I hopefully will later decrease my chances of getting such complications and increase my lifespan. You see people with diabetes are said to have a shorter lifespan because of the conditions. Obviously this isn’t as bad as it use to be many years ago. With regular checks on sugar control, feet, eyes etc the hospital works hard to keep the complications at bay. But even though there are schedule check ups etc, I am the one who controls my diabetes, I am the one who has to live with it day in and day out not the health care team.

So as much as they may educate me on diabetes I am the one who is at theĀ forefrontĀ of my care. I have to put into practise what they teach me. Rebelling against this could result in serious problems. Sounds easy doesn’t it. Like following a cook book recipe.

I wish it was. I wish I could wake up every day with a perfect sugar level, carbohydrate count like I have a degree in it, keep my life stress free and keep fit and healthy. But I will never be that perfect. I will want days where I slob out on the sofa in my pjs, or have to go to an exam which results in stress and a high sugar level, or wake up with a high sugar level and regret the late night chocolate I munched on whilst watching skyfall, or go to aĀ restaurantĀ and fail at attempting to carb count my meals there. I could carry on.

But as much as day to day issues may try and help my diabetes to beat me I can’t let it. If I want to keep all my limbs, having a healthy family in the future, live into old age I have to face up to my condition. Avoid late snacking on things that may take my fancy, get some drive to go for a long walk or do some form of exercise (I’m a self proclaimed slob…more of a sofa person than a walk…as is my dog hahaha šŸ˜‰ )


So diabetes, I have a little message for you as said by Muhammad Ali – ā€˜If you even dream of beating me, you better wake up and apologise.ā€™

Therefore I have made the decision to increase my willpower; avoid sugary foods, eat healthier, exercise more and drink more water and even avoid diet drinks (as these contain harmful sweeteners). Hopefully by doing this I will make my sugar levels even more perfect.

So keep your eyes peeled cause I might update you readers every now and then on how I am getting on with Ā keeping my sugar levelsĀ tight, tight, tight!!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a nice monday šŸ˜‰ Thank you for reading!

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