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So I wonder how many of you from my last post realised what I’m going to talk about in this lovely blog?


Begins with S ends in EX. You got it yet? However despite what all you naughty minded people think I am not going to go into all the graphic details of my sex life, nope my lips are sealed thank you very much. But it occurred to me to do this post the other day when I was sat in a lecture (about diabetes) and the very nice specialist nurse mentioned about exercise causing hypos and then how sex is also exercise and this can be a problem and everyone laughed. I didn’t, as even though its funny, its also really true.

I don’t usually have to drink something like a chocolate shake or eat a packet of oreos after sex because that wouldn’t help with a hypo of mine anyway. Chocolate isn’t the best thing for diabetics contrary to what you may think. But I’m not saying it hypos don’t happen believe me they do. But then if I went out for a run it could happen to and sex is a great form of exercise ;).

When I was younger and the wonders of having sex were in front of me it was a conversation that use to come up with me and my friends. Amongst others such as overdosing on sugar (I know a tad odd what questions people ask you) Anyway I remember having a conversation with someone about whether I could put myself into a coma whilst having sex. Meaning if my blood sugar went low could I pass out. Thinking on it I actually realised it could, however I can promise now you know when your having a hypo so its very unlikely to happen. But it does occasionally mean checking sugar levels before and after, then there is the stack of sugar I keep by my bedside. Hahaha only joking (I do make myself laugh).

However that’s not the only issue people with diabetes face in the bedroom (or wherever you prefer to do it 😉 ). I can not talk with experience but as a diabetic you read about this stuff just to learn I suppose, like a manual for diabetics (HOW TO BE A DIABETIC – ooh that sounds good, I officially copyright that title for my future book 😉 watch this space). Anyway there can be many more issues with diabetics and sex apart from the occasional hypo. It is said by www.diabetes.co.uk that “Up to 50% of men and 25% of women may experience some kind of sexual problems or a loss of sexual desire as a result of diabetes.”

So what sort of problems are these. Lets tackle woman first (as I am female and we are the greater sex hahahaha, once again I’m just messing, I’m not a feminist)

Women, sex and diabetes;

  • FSD – Female Sexual Dysfunction. This is when woman have trouble orgasming, pain during sex and a loss of desire. You hear more about men having  this problem but women can have it too, unfortunately there is no medication for females.. But woman with diabetes are twice as likely to experience this than those without (Diabetes UK) 
  •  Vaginitis which is inflammation of the vagina (with an example being thrush) are more likely to be a recurrent problem for females with diabetes. Which can lead to pain, itching and burning sensations which obviously will takes its toll on the bedroom activities. 
  • Cystitis which is inflammation of the bladder is another health issue which is more common for diabetics.

Men, sex and diabetes;

  • ED – Erectile Dysfunction. Almost 33% of men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction.( www.diabetes.co.uk)
  • Diabetic Neuropathy (damage to the nervous system) can also cause problems to the erectile tissue making it harder for men to achieve an erection or impossible in some men.

However, although I have written about all of these issue it doesn’t mean every diabetic will get them but its something to be aware of. It something I have to be aware of more than every other person due to my diabetes, so as recommended I use femwash rather than shower gels keeps the thrush at bay hahahaha (now was that a joke or not, I will leave that one up to you guys to decide 😉 )

Now I will leave you with one last issue my mates and I, when I first got my pump, wondered about. You see my pump is attached to me and I although I can take it out for periods of time it usually makes my sugar level jolt up for a bit so unless I’m having a shower or going for a swim or something along those lines, I tend to keep it in. And really I don’t swim that much either as I’m a “four eyes” and have to take off my glasses and can’t see – which means a panicked Meg sometimes swimming like I’m drowning.

Anyway back on track. I was at a party and this conversation topic seem to spring up. “How would you have sex with your pump attached to you”. It brought up a lot of questions about whether I would need a drip stand like in hospitals, whether I could leave my bra on but wouldn’t that spoil some of the fun, whether it would get ripped out, the list goes on.

However it can be done, I tend to leave mine in most of the time. But how I do it…well that’s for me to know. Although I can promise I don’t have a drip stand, that would kill the mood I’m sure.

Anyway I shall end this post here as this is a long one and I do not want to make your eyes bleed. Although as I’m loving these little funny photo things I will leave you with one last one which made me giggle. Hope you all enjoy this post. Thank you for reading


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