Chocolate Roses, Chocolate Hearts and A Lot Of Bolusing

So I know I failed last weekend and did not post my Sunday blog. But hopefully this one will be good so will make up for it. Today I’m going to talk about a certain time of year that has just been and gone; Valentines.


I hope you all had a nice valentines day whether or not your taken or single and got thoroughly spoilt or had a good night out. But getting on to the point of my diabetes and why it can be a little issue for diabetics. To be honest any commercialised events like Valentines, Easter etc can be an issue for diabetics. Why I hear you ask? Well chocolate, celebratory drinks, going out for meals. These are all lovely things to do (and I still do them/eat them/drink them)  However you have sugar levels to bare in mind when enjoying all this. Luckily I have a boyfriend who knows this so didn’t buy me a lovely heart shaped box of chocolates 😉 however he still managed to spoil me (the flowers above being part of my “gifts”).

But the temptation is the worse things about these days (and don’t even get me started on Easter) You walk into a shop around Valentines time and all you see if chocolates and wine and champagne. Every lovely dovey thing is turned into chocolate; chocolate roses, chocolate hearts, pink chocolate, chocolate teddies, chocolate chocolate chocolate. And for someone with willpower like mine it’s never good. Then there is the wine and champagne; scrummy stuff but with a lovely content of sugar and for me a quick way to get drunk. Although I’m not one to turn down a glass of champagne it just means checking blood sugar an hour or so after having a glass…or two…or three 😉


Another issue can be going out for a meal. Most people choose a restaurant, moan about the price maybe but enjoy it normally hassle free. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy meals, believe me I do. However going out for a meal can be hard with the carbohydrate counting because some places do not publish their nutrition status and others publish all but the carbohydrates but the amazing ones publish the details which makes eating a lot more easier. Otherwise you end up roughly guesstimating which isn’t to hard to do once you learn how to carbohydrate count but sometimes it can be a pain in the bottom. However I love a good meal out so you learn to deal with it (I shall do another blog later going into eating out a bit more detailed)

But you can survive these days and enjoy yourself even if you have diabetes cause I know I certainly did. Blood sugar didn’t rise over 9 but I still had steak and chips, a mouth watering pudding and strawberries dipped into melted chocolate. A lot of yummy treats 😉 And I enjoyed every single part of my day and my treats from my man. All you need to do my fellow diabetics is BOLUS, BOLUS AND BOLUS (give yourself extra insulin for the extra carbohydrates/sugars you are ingesting into your body 😉 ) Sounds easy than it is but it works (with the odd hyper and hypo here and there) But diabetes is a journey everyday so a day like Valentines isn’t going to make is any easier but it shouldn’t be viewed as making it harder. It’s just another challenge to enjoy.

So this is my Valentines post but because of being a failure last weekend and this one not being overly exciting (because I just had a hypo and now am sleepy) I am going to make it up to you all by doing a slightly valentines related post sometime this week however it will be of a censored theme so it will be your choice whether or not to read 😉

Anyway hope you all had a lovely week and weekend and enjoy this weeks blog. 🙂

Happy belated valentines day my lovely readers! <3


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