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Oh look it’s Sunday again which means – Blog day. I have a few things to talk about today but because I’ve just ripped my cannula out of my bottom when I went to the toilet I’m in a moany mood. So I apologise now but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

I had a bad day the other day, something happened which made me upset and angry at a person for a mistake they probably didn’t mean to do or think would offend a type 1 diabetic. This person was talking to a lot of people and made a comment on how diabetes is becoming more widespread due to people’s lifestyles, eating habits and obesity. Which to the people reading this might be a perfectly acceptable comment. However there is two types of diabetes and type one diabetics aren’t fat neither do we have unhealthy lifestyles or eating habits! So why should be tarnished with the same brush? 

I suppose to everyone I may seem like a drama queen, having a moan about someone not saying something. But people don’t seem to realise how upsetting it is and in my opinion is because people are ignorant. I don’t mean that in a nasty way, but diabetes is a chronic condition that at times can be complicated to understand and to learn for a newly diagnosed let alone other people who don’t need to understand. If I wasn’t a type one I probably wouldn’t know any different either.

But imagine being a newly diagnosed type one diabetic child and then going into school or seeing friends who make the comment; “Did you eat to many sweets?”, “Were you fat?” I’m sure they didn’t mean to say it but because they don’t understand it can be hurtful.

The media never helps easier, I have had my diabetes for six years and I have never seen a programme on TV covering the issue of type one diabetes, type two yes but never type one. I’m sure there is one somewhere.

Also type one diabetes only affects 5 – 15 percent of diabetics, so maybe that’s why diabetics are grouped together.

So maybe diabetes awareness (of both types) needs to be more widely spread. Not just for that reason but for others. People who don’t understand diabetes tend to ask questions or make comments which may seems acceptable but don’t go down well with a diabetic and end up leaving them annoyed and irritated, whereas maybe if people were more aware this wouldn’t happen.

So what sort of comments do I mean;

  • Are you allowed to eat that? – No I just fancied killing myself with a donut today
  • Look at the woman…look what she’s doing…druggie – Yes cause I obviously am an insulin junkie, high class drug that one
  • Those sorts of people just seem to take all of the NHS money just cause they are unhealthy – Shows how much not knowing the difference of types can result in nasty comments
  • Does it hurt when you prick your finger/inject? – I have a pain immunity nothing hurts now I’m a diabetic

And the list goes on. Sometimes you just have to smile through the anger of comments like these. Another more personal example was when I was first diagnosed being told by someone that people were only being nice to me because they felt sorry for me, as a 13 year old it wasn’t the nicest thing to hear. But life moves on you have a cry and get over it. Well actually you end up going to your diabetic clinic and talking about it and having a counselling session.

So bare in my next time you talk to a diabetic that you know what type they are before making judgemental comments and then think about what you say, because something that could be perfectly acceptable to you may hurt them.

And that folks is the end of my blog today, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoy this post 🙂 And a thank you to James for his great title suggestion 😉


  1. February 9, 2013 / 6:10 am

    Thank you for posting about this! It really gets under my skin too! There’s a DIFFERENCE PEOPLE! 🙂

    • February 9, 2013 / 8:48 am

      I think it’s a big issue that people just don’t seem to understand! One day try will though 🙂 glad you enjoyed it! X

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