The Start Of A New Year

So it’s nearly the end of the first day of 2013 (by the time I post this it will probably be the end haha)! Got to love the start of a new year, and I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve.

2012 was both a good year and a hard year for me. However it lead me to amazing people (and finding out which of my friends weren’t so great), finding out things about myself and realising how much of a lovely family I have and how lucky I am. It also made me realise that although I don’t have despicable diabetes control I need to get a bit tighter on my control as unfortunately as much as people say it doesn’t rule your life – it does – problems with my diabetes can affect my life as much as I wish it didn’t. So this is me realising that to enjoy my life to the full I need to push my diabetes into shape.

Number One- Get the perfect sugar levels! So this isn’t going to be easy and I probably will never get them “perfect” but I WILL get them as close to perfect as can be. My sugars will in the future effect a lot of things if I don’t get them as tight as I can.Things like my health, my body, work life, driving, having a family – things that although most people have to worry about them and do worry about them, I wake up sometimes in a panic over certain ones. It also affects my mood when my levels are up and down. Which results in me taking it out on those closest to me which isn’t fair on them and recently I’ve realised it only takes so long before people start wondering if it actually is your diabetes. Obviously that hurts a fair bit and isn’t true or my fault I need to start doing something about it. Control my sugar levels and basically the world is my oyster, well it is anyway but a nicer oyster haha – a high-class, beautiful oyster.

Number Two – Cut out the junk food! You see I’m a bit of a sweetaholic actually scrap that I’m a junkfoodholic. Which obviously isn’t the best thing when you have diabetes…to be honest it generally isn’t the best thing in the world and even though I know this I can’t stop myself from munching on crisps, nuts, biscuits etc It’s surprising that I’m not 50 stone by now. But if I don’t stop now I might be one day and also it’s not going to help with the control of my diabetes. So goodbye sensation crisps and hello carrot sticks. Okay so maybe I won’t go that far – my self-control isn’t that amazing and I’m not fat…yet. But I will watch what I eat and carbohydrate count like it’s going out of fashion. You never know I might get a taste for the healthy stuff and become one of those overly health people who live in the health shop (no offence if anyone does – in my opinion it’s not a bad thing) but if I’m honest I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Number Three – Get fit!  I’m a self-declared slob, I’d rather exercise my arms picking up the remote than I would lifting weights. However I went through a stage where I enjoyed it but then I had issues with my shoulders so stopped. But part of me still gets the urge to do some fitness every now and then and I’ve decided I’m going to go with these urges. Got to get rid of the little Christmas belly that’s started to appear and get my beach body again. Maybe if I can get my fitness that good I will do a run for diabetes – raise some money for diabetes but also raise awareness. Watch this space people 😉


I’ve decided to leave it to those three for the moment as they all sort of tally in together! But you never know I might add ones to it here and there because in my view everyday is a new day – a new day to take control of things you want to. New Years resolutions shouldn’t just have to be left to new years. Each day brings you something new and if you don’t think it has you can always make sure it does one way or another.


2012 taught me some things in life. I made mistakes but now I can learn from them. Which is why 2013 is going to be different. I’m going to achieve the above things, surround myself with people who love me and I care about just as much and achieve everything I want to cause I can – and I’m sure anyone reading this can to. Sometimes it’s just about realising a few things in your life need a tweak.

But for now I’m off to sleep and hopefully dream about the gorgeous men that appear in vampire diaries! But before I do I’m going to have to say thanks to my amazing family and lovely boyfriend and awesome friends who I am sure are going to make sure those three things I’ve written about I do.

Also my mum and boyfriends’ mum are doing a sponsored diet for a charity that is close to my heart.  Not diabetes but Papyrus which is a charity for prevention of young suicide – I lost my brother back in June 2011 so to me the charity is amazing and really provides help to those that are suicidal. So if you fancy sponsoring them or just donating to the charity or even just making people aware of it then I’ll pop a few links down!

Anyway that’s all folks 😉

Hope 2013 brings you everything you want it to or deserve and thank you for reading. Means a lot to me


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