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So as I sit listening to my talented mum cook Christmas cakes for us and various friends I am feeling the need to write my Christmas blog. You see I lurveeeeee Christmas and everything about it. I start getting excited about Christmas after my birthday has gone (and my birthday is in May). But Christmas is also important to me as its my little brothers birthday…even thought when he was born I stormed into the hospital asking if he was Baby Jesus. So it’s a lovely day all round for me, maybe not so much him as people seem to forget his birthday hahaha poor boy, my sister’s is just as bad, she’s got New Years Eve, I’m the lucky may baby teehee.

However as much as I love Christmas, it is hell for the diabetes part of me. I mean come on the temptations are to much for anyone let alone a 19 year old type 1 diabetic. You have the mulled wine and other various Christmassy/New year drinking events. Then there is the chocolate and candy canes etc…sometimes I walk into a shop and I can feel my eyes go wide and my heart race at all the chocolate and different Christmas sweets…its my biggest downfall I have such a sweet tooth, its like putting a bone in front of a dog, it is going to want that bone. And Christmas dinner, I love Christmas dinner but the sugar content of all the different sauces and then all the carbs…my mind is getting all hazy thinking about it. And that is just a fraction of it!

So how to I cope with Christmas? Well I don’t drink, avoid sugary things and cure the world of sin. I wish I could say that but unfortunately I’m not that perfect, at Christmas my diabetic halo comes down and the devil horns come up. My mind just seems to tell me; Its only a few weeks in the year Meghan…enjoy it enjoy it. So I do just that enjoy it, but there is a word I like to use at Christmas; Moderation.

It’s a nice word isn’t it. Just because it’s Christmas and I am diabetic does mean I can’t enjoy it. It means I have to be sensible. Try and find food which are low in sugar, or have no added sugar or are sugar free. Then I drink mainly spirits and the good old diet coke, diet lemonade if I’m feeling like mixing it up a lil. And cause I’m lucky and have my good old friend bob (my Insulin Pump) to help me regulate my sugars and carbohydrate count all that yummy food…and alcohol hahaha!

So for fellow diabetics I hope that you all enjoy Christmas safetly and remember to have fun just be cautious and don’t go off the rails and I am sure you will after time work out how to control your diabetes around Christmas, just takes a bit of tweaking here and there 🙂

Only 12 days till Christmas and I’m sure that will sneak up fast. So Merry Christmas everyone and if I don’t get to say it nearer the time then Happy New Year, I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy every part of it 🙂

Muppets Christmas – Cheeky link for you guys here 😉


  1. Jackie Hargreaves-Spragg
    December 13, 2012 / 9:57 pm

    Megan, very brave of you to write your thoughts (is it that easy to have a normal christmas) just looking at your mums xmas cake that she baked makes me feel deprived, just knowing that I wont be able to get my teeth into a hunk of that is so depressing. Guess i,m quite late for such a big change of lifestyle, on the other hand when I was your age I was at liberty to get my teeth into anything. Any more tips for xmas Jackie great help

    • December 13, 2012 / 10:07 pm

      Thank you for reading my blog Jackie 🙂 Hahaha I know the feeling, temptation is a big thing at Christmas. The mains things are to keep regular checks on your blood glucose levels probably a bit more than usual. You can have a food treat but if you do just give yourself a little extra dose of insulin, I use to give myself 3 units when I was on injections, but its about testing it out and seeing what works for you, might hypos or highs along the way but your get there in the end. One thing I notice during the winter is I get more dehydrated so keep your fluids up cause that prevents colds and what nots and always eat before and after you have alcohol cause that will affect your diabetes 🙂 but most of all enjoy as much as you can cause you will get the hang of it and be an expert on your own diabetes in no time 🙂 xxx

  2. Tracy Brook
    December 13, 2012 / 10:50 pm

    Jackie one thing I will say about Meg’s is she has always aimed to be up beat about her diabetes, and she has been brave in experimenting with her insuline (carefully I would like to add) and has always had the attitude the diabetes lives with her, not she lives with diabetes!! x

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